Hi, I'm Dennis Stephens.

I have been working as a Web Developer for 6 years in both Front-end and Back-end web development. Also I have good experience in Blockchain technology. As a problem solver who loves facing challenges in my work, I'm excited to be at the deployment phase of my career as a web developer.
I'm passionate and ambitious about my work, and love to be on a team that questions possibilities.
I am looking for a new job opportunity in Full stack development.
I will work harder with all my ability and knowledge for the company. Congratulations!


I graduated from Far Eastern University and I got a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. I have both experience in working in office and remotely. My major skills are React, Node, Laravel, Python and Blockchain technology.

In the meantime, I worked with several companies and developed several projects including Financial and E-commerce and so on, and gained a good experience and skills of web development. And I received good reviews from several clients and put up my name on team section of websites.

It can be said my strengths are the simultaneous guarantee of project speed and quality, accurate time management, and sincerity.

I will work harder and harder for your company with all my heart and ability. If there is anything I don't know, I will learn from team members and I will focus all in the success of company.

Let's work together! Regards!


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Mid-Full stack Developer
  • Collaborated closely with designers to create clean and intuitive interfaces for web applications, utilizing various front-end frameworks such as React and working within Figma to ensure a consistent design language.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Laravel and React, having leveraged these technologies to develop a range of web-based solutions, including a hotel booking site and a real estate project focused on house buying and selling.
  • Additionally, utilized ArcGIS and PostGIS to integrate Google Maps functionality, allowing for seamless display of event locations and geospatial data.
  • Tools: React, Laravel, MySQL, CMS technology, Github, Google Map
April 2016 - March 2017 | Pasig, Philipines
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FrontEnd and Web3 developer
  • I was responsible for building the customer side of a project using React and the admin side using Vue.js, while ensuring a consistent design language and optimal user experience.
  • As a Web3 developer, I have leveraged blockchain technology to develop smart contracts, including bulk transfer capabilities, as part of the mission of a financial project.
  • Additionally, I was a front-end and Web3 developer for the KODA NFT marketplace, where I implemented React to achieve high speed and superior performance of the front-end.
  • Tools: React, Node, Vue.js, Blockchain, Web3, Solidity, AWS, Jira, Miro, MongoDB...
June 2017 - January 2020 | Paris, France
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Full Stack developer
  • The project is a marketplace for Arabic Educator, where tutors can create what subject they're teaching and student can book a slot and pay for the class session.
  • Create-T3-App (NextJS, TRPC, Prisma, NextAuth, MantineUI, Postgres) to build most of pages from Marketplace, tutor, student and the admin dashboard.
  • Implemented Pusher & Next PWA for real-time chat & notifications, Stripe Connect Express for managing payment and payouts, Vercel Cron Job, Serverless function and Sendgrid to blast email
  • Tools: React, Next.js, Typescript, Next-Auth, MantineUI, Prisma, T3, Vercel...
Feb 2019 - Feb 2020 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Velocity Promotions LLC

Senior Full stack Developer
  • As a seasoned developer, I played an integral role in developing a project from scratch for a start-up company located in Houston, USA. Working closely with a small team, I honed my skills in CI/CD and DevOps technologies, and was involved in the entire development process from inception to product completion.
  • The project was developed in two stages. In the first stage, I led the development of a web version using Laravel and Angular, and in the second stage, I leveraged Next.js and Node.js to create a more performant product with optimal SEO and clean UI design.
  • As a senior developer, I collaborated with the CTO to create tickets and backlog for projects, and also provided guidance and assistance to junior developers. Additionally, I conducted end-to-end testing using Cypress to ensure the highest quality product was delivered to our clients.
  • Tools: Next.js, Node.js, Laravel, GraphQL, BitBucket, Azure, Cypress, Jest
December 2020 - January 2022 | Houston, United States
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FrontEnd Engineer
  • Worked as a frontend engineer in the mid-journey of this project using Next.js and Typescript. This project is mainly blockchain projects for eco-friendly and environment marketplace on Regen blockchain network.
  • I developed admin side and user side both using Next.js. I used T3 stack, which is combination of Next.js, Typescript, Tailwind, TRPC and we used Prisma for providing ORM for SQL queries.
  • I integrated TRPC with Next.js which allows you to write backend code using Typescript, and for good typed validation, I used Zod which is typescript schema declaration and validation library.
  • Tools: Next.js, T3 stack, GraphQL, Vercel, Zod, Cypress, Jest
September 2022 - February 2023 | BC, Canada
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Real Time Feedback >

Frontend focused Full stack Developer
  • As a full-stack developer, I contributed to the development of an admin side using React and Laravel Mix to manage client feedback. I also implemented real-time chat functionality using Web Sockets, Laravel Queue, Pusher, Echo, cron jobs, and integrated Twilio for SMS, Stripe for payments, and email notifications.
  • To improve performance and scalability, I upgraded the design of the admin side's frontend and utilized Redis for managing real-time data at scale and speed.
  • As part of the development process, I utilized Docker containers to ensure seamless deployment across different environments. Additionally, I led the successful migration of the project to AWS EC2, including the complex socket.io component and queue system.
  • Tools: Laravel, React, AWS, Redis, Twilio, Docker, Web Socket
June 2022 - March 2023 | Dallas, Texas, US


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House Buying & Selling project

House buying and selling project using AngularJS and Laravel

  • Administrator can add selling house and users can book buying house and integrated several payment methods.
  • Used AngularJS for frontend and Laravel for backend. MySQL is used for database.
Screenshot of web app
Danapay Customer Side

Danapay financial project for Customers

  • They can resend and manage profiles, transactions, histories and so on.
  • Implemented Sumsub verification and modified.
  • Developed Smart contracts and several features like bulk transfer and upgraded to Polygon Network.
Screenshot of  web app
Danapay Admin Side

Danapay financial project for Administrator

  • Administrator manage all users, transactions, companies, withdraws, Bank accounts, Bulk transfers and so on.
  • Used Vuejs for frontend and Laravel for backend.
Screenshot of  web app
RapidWristband shopping site

Online shopping site for wristbands.

  • In first version, we used Laravel for web application and second version, Ionic-react for frontend for mobile application.
  • In second version, sometimes I worked as a QA engineer with Cypress, Jest, PHPUnit and Laravel Dusk.
Screenshot of  web app
Koda NFT marketplace

NFT marketplace

  • NFT marketplace with React, Node and Blockchain Technology.
  • I worked as a Front End & Web3 developer. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.
Screenshot of  web app
Video Chat App

Free WebRTC - P2P - Simple, Secure, Fast Real-Time App, compatible with all browsers and platforms.

  • Developed Video chat App using Nextjs, Node.js and WebRTC.
  • Users can create their own rooms and have a video meeting, and also they can share the screen and file sharing.
Screenshot of  web app
Airdrop Minting project

Best minting page having 3 levels of whitelist

  • A successful NFT project in bear crypto market!!!
  • Beautiful UI and special utility page
  • Implemented special complex minting process with 3 levels of whitelists.
Screenshot of  web app
RoosterWars Blockchain Game

Blockchain Game fighting with roosters

  • Mainly worked on building smart contract and web3 integration. In this game, players can buy and sell rooster, egg, gem and gaff.
  • There are also utility contracts such as egg sale, marketplace, store, fight betting, jackpot, tournament and so on.
Screenshot of  web app
Eco Token project

Eco-friendly Marketplace on Regen network

  • I developed admin side and user side both using Next.js. I used T3 stack, which is combination of Next.js, Typescript, Tailwind, TRPC and we used Prisma for providing ORM for SQL queries.
  • I integrated TRPC with Next.js which allows you to write backend code using Typescript, and for good typed validation, I used Zod which is typescript schema declaration and validation library.
Screenshot of  web app
PolyCat Dex Project

PolyCat Dex Project

  • Forked pancakeSwap, implemented fantastic UI
  • Lower Fee - Maximum Earning when Exchange. Safe and Flexible, reliable Exchange. Well audited smart contracts.
Screenshot of  web app
Talaqqi project

Marketplace for Arabic Educator

  • Create-T3-App (NextJS, TRPC, Prisma, NextAuth, MantineUI) to build most of pages from Marketplace, tutor, student and the admin dashboard
  • Implemented Pusher & Next PWA, Stripe Connect Express for managing payment and payouts, Vercel Cron Job, Serverless function and Sendgrid to blast email
Screenshot of  web app
RealTime Feedback Admin Side

Admin side of Real-Time feedback company

  • Made real-time chatting and notification project using Laravel.
  • Integrated with Twilio for SMS, used Laravel Queue, Echo, Socket.io for real-time chatting, Stored data using Redis.
  • Migrated to AWS including Socket.io, Cronjobs, Laravel Queue and so on.


Front End skills


Back End skills









Far Eastern University

(Manila, Philipines)

Degree: Bachelor of Computer Science

    Relevant Courseworks:

    • Software Development
    • Computer Network
    • Foundations of Algorithms
    • Operating System



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Linkedin Recommendations

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Ahmad Naser

Co-founder of GreenBackend company

    Dennis is really a great problem solver, I've impressed by his ability to solve complicated technical problems with the minimum amount of management, he is really super learner and an effective implementor, write your requirements and he will make sure it gets done, that's the ultimate factor in the reliable developers, Dennis is basically one of them and I highly recommend him in any full-stack development job.
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Aurélien Monchambert

COO of Hirepeople company

    As the COO of HirePeople company, I had the pleasure of working with Dennis on a project where he showcased his exceptional React skills and expertise in building a project from scratch. His work ethic and dedication to delivering high-quality work quickly were outstanding. He also contributed significantly to the development of a Chrome extension for our company, which helped us to achieve our business goals. I highly recommend Dennis to anyone looking for a reliable, skilled, and efficient web developer.
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Wassim Azirar

CTO of Hirepeople company

    I've worked with Dennis on several frontend development projects using React, TypeScript, and Redux. I believe Dennis has potential to develop into a great developer with guidance. I recommend them for projects where clear communication and collaboration expectations are established.
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Victor Niculae

Senior Software Engineer

    I have had the pleasure of working closely with Dennis and can attest to their exemplary skills in React and Laravel development. Their passion for delivering top-notch solutions is evident in their exceptional work and demonstrated technical proficiency. Dennis has an innate ability to quickly understand and navigate complex problems with ease, and their ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams is a testament to their exceptional communication skills. I strongly recommend Dennis to any organization looking for a seasoned developer with a track record of success.
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Clive Richardson

Senior SQL Server DBA Contractor at iPSL

    Dennis is one of the most professional freelancers I've ever worked with. I've been working with many freelancers for decades and I can safely say that Dennis is a terrific freelancer. His capacity to comprehend the specific demands of the other party, as well as his honesty, are two of his greatest qualities. I am confident that he will meet and exceed expectations.
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Ludo Hoffstetter

UI/UX designer

    Dennis consistently delivered high-quality work as a Front-End Developer and went above and beyond to ensure that my designs were implemented flawlessly. As a UX designer, it was important for me to collaborate with a developer who not only had a strong understanding of technical aspects, but also had an eye for detail and a commitment to user experience. Overall, I highly recommend Dennis as a Front-End Developer, his technical expertise and dedication make him a valuable asset to any project.
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Valentin Sotov

Product Owner

    Thank you Dennis for your invaluable help to our AMBER project. Although we have never met in real life and worked only remotely, I really appreciate your professionalism and competence. Your punctuality and diligence make me believe that you are a good man and a reliable partner. I am sure that you will have a great future and I hope that you will help our company more than once. I sincerely wish you professional growth and appreciation from future partners.
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Julian Patton

Data Science Engineer

    Dennis was one of the pivotal members of our startup J-Retro Designs. His front end experience was superb and he was a very effective communicator. Dennis expresses a degree of professionalism during our Slack channel meetings and worked very well with our other backend developers. I was honored to collaborate with Dennis and hope to collaborate in the near future. I highly recommend him for any project, give Dennis a list of tasks and he will accomplish each task and ask questions to make sure the best quality work is delivered.
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